Thank you...

Thank you...

by George Siemens -
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Hi - a quick thank you for all participants involved in this online conference. Thank you as well for Sylvia (for initiating) and Paul (for moderating).

I found the conversation valuable a valuable learning experience. There is something unique - and still new enough to be exciting - in being able to dialogue with individuals from around the world. One on one distributed communication has been a reality for many of us for decades. Group-based discussions - with an ease of access that includes most people - is something still emerging. We are building our expertise to function in distributed environments. We've had online communities for years. Those of you involved in these early communities probably encountered a fairly small group of devotees. Technology or skill level prohibited most people from participating. Today, a computer and some basic skills open the door to global conversations.

In Knowing Knowledge, I tried to present this emerging potential for global conversations through a change in what it means to know (or in our conception of knowledge). When knowledge is fluid...and a function of connectedness (and thereby networks...which in turn occur in ecologies), we require a new set of skills. These new skills are already evident in many younger people, but they are also being developed by the established workforce. We started our connectivism online conference on Friday - and the types of participants (educators, administrators, etc.) indicate that we are "re-tooling" ourselves. We are beginning to develop the skills and mindsets to be effective today. Organizations like SCoPE are critical in not only hosting knowledge-based discussions...but (perhaps even more importantly) modeling the skills required, and building the "meta-understanding" of connectedness on a large-scale level.

If anyone would like to continue the conversation, feel free to visit the site (wiki, blog, and book download) at

Thanks again to everyone for attending!!


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Re: Thank you...

by Sylvia Currie -
George, thank you for helping us to launch our Professional Reading Group series at SCoPE and for facilitating our exploration through your book, Knowing Knowledge. More ideas for book discussions are popping up! One participant wrote to me to say "cool, who says reading books is a lonely and quiet activity". In fact, George has demonstrated how writing is also not a lonely activity. Imagine inviting the world to collaborate on your book! We're all grateful that the discussion doesn't stop here.

This reading group activity was organized in collaboration with BCcampus Online Communities. Thanks Paul, for offering moderating expertise, time, bandwidth, venue, access to the archives, suggestions, planning, and the list goes on...I'm not sure how we could have managed without your support! approve

We're busy preparing for our next seminar: Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences, facilitated by Michael Griffith, February 12 - 25. Hope to see you all there, and please spread the word!

Sylvia Currie
Community Coordinator

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Re: Thank you...

by Paul Stacey -

George/Sylvia and discussion posters:

Enjoyed this opportunity to learn from all of you. Fascinating to watch a new learning theory emerge in the wake of technology. I've been reading extensively about the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support community (after reading George's Knowing Knowledge I moved on to a book called Networked Neighbourhoods) and find a refreshing emphasis in both around the importance of the C (communication or should it be connections? :)) part of technology. Clearly the web is not just about access to information, its about access to people. Use of technology supports the formation and deepening of relationships. I look forward to seeing an increasing emphasis placed on teaching/learning moments that occur through interaction and exchange of ideas via technology as we have done here.


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Re: Thank you...

by Jeffrey Keefer -
George, thank you for introducing some of us, or at least me, to the concept of connectivism. I started following your blog and am enjoying the variety of threads in the Online Connectivism Conference, and I find this expanding of my constructivist perspective refreshing, as it does indeed seem to address a component of the increased social networking reality that I face. I look forward to continuing this conversation.