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Summary of Issues from the Webinar (crossposted from Emerging Themes and Models)

by caren levine -
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Below is a summary of the discussion that took place on our webinar in the form of questions that arose. We encourage you to listen to the archives and follow the text chat. Feel free to post your own notes, reactions, and post-webinar thoughts here.
  • How do we “recognize” learning?
  • How do we celebrate learning?
  • Do learners distinguish between formal, informal, and nonformal learning?
  • What is the role of portfolios for evaluating and recognizing informal learning?
  • Is informal learning about self-evaluation?
  • Are formal learning assessment tools transferable to the assessment of informal learning?
  • What role do educators play in helping learners assess their own (informal) learning?
  • What are implications for accreditation?
  • What is the relationship between learning and the (self) assessment of that learning?
  • What is measured when assessing informal learning?
  • How is informal learning valued, especially by institutions?