Welcome to our January seminar: Knowing Knowledge

New reading and writing styles and habits

by Sylvia Currie -
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Like Jeffrey I like to have the printed book in my hands, but here are a couple things I noticed with the Knowing Knowledge book:

1) I didn't read it front to back. Instead I bounced around. This is how I tend to read online, and Knowing Knowledge felt like it was meant to be read that way. Is the writing style a result of habits developed through social networking?

2) I used the PDF version to search the text. For example, when I first read on Ron Lubensky's eLearning Moments blog that Bereiter "remains virtually unknown to practitioners" I opened the PDF version of the book to do a quick check to see if Bereiter was mentioned. So it's nice to have access to both the hard and soft versions of reading materials. Heck, it would be nice to have a command-f function when I'm looking for the can opener in my kitchen. smile (BTW, I assumed Bereiter's work was well known to practitioners -- perhaps more so for Canadians?)