thanks and some exciting news

thanks and some exciting news

by Jennison Asuncion -
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Catherine and I would like to thank everyone here, whether you contributed once or actively. For those of you who lurked and absorbed the material, we also hope you learned along with us. Thanks of course also goes to Sylvia Currie who came to Catherine and I with the suggestion to host such a seminar.


In terms of the actual accessibility of eLearning in Canadian postsecondary education research, our team will be continuing to do a robust analysis of the students with disabilities data. Not discussed here were responses from our other three groups: individuals who provide disability-related accommodations on college and university campuses, faculty who have had the experience of teaching at least one course in the last three years in where they used some form of eLearning and had a student with a disability take that course; and the professionals who support/implement eLearning at postsecondary institutions across Canada. The types of questions we asked these three groups were similar to allow for comparison of responses and include:
* their accessibility ratings of eighteen types of eLearning (e.g., course web pages, PowerPoint in the classroom) to students who fall into five broad categories of impairments/disabilities (totally
blind, low vision, Deaf/hearing impairment, learning disability/ADD/ADHD, mobility/neuromuscular impairment);
* overall experiences and views about computer technologies and eLearning at their institutions; and
* a series of "actual" versus "desired situation" questions relative to their role in assuring the accessibility of eLearning to students with disabilities.


And now for some exciting news. Sylvia has approached us with an offer to allow for this community of learning to continue via the ScoPE facilities beginning in the new year for an indefinite period of time. Judging from the discussions here, and because eLearning and accessibility for learners with disabilities is a major topic within the broad accessibility umbrella, we have decided to take Sylvia up on her offer, with myself, and members of our research team acting as facilitators.


Once details are ironed out over the next few days, we will advise you all via this forum.


Should you have individual questions about the research itself, feel free to contact either myself or Catherine by email
- for myself; and
- for Catherine.


We will hopefully see many of you again soon in our new home!




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Thank you!

by Sylvia Currie -
Jennison and Catherine, thank you very much for a great seminar! Your research project and work at Adaptech is so valuable, and we all have so much to learn from you. And thanks everyone for all of your great contributions, and especially for raising new and interesting questions. We obviously have many good reasons to continue our dialogue and share resources in our new SIG. I'll be busy setting that up for us and will report back in the new year.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Coordinator