week two

week two

by Jennison Asuncion -
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As we move into week 2 of this very active seminar, I just thought I would welcome anyone who has recently joined us. Catherine and I have been reading with great interest all of the various posts in all of the threads. We are pleased to have so many folks willing and interested in sharing and exchanging information! We’re learning from all of you, and we hope that you are all benefiting from the various discussions.

If you have recently joined or haven’t done so already, please tell us a bit about yourself and your specific interests in eLearning and accessibility under the “getting things started” thread. You can also learn more about the research we carried out by browsing through:
“research background and approach”
“Definitions” and
“most/least accessible forms of eLearning based on our student participants”.

Also, I note that folks are suggesting different links of interest that are associated with issues of eLearning and accessibility. Claude, thanks for taking the initiative and placing them in one spot. Those of you who have links of interest still to share, please post them to the “your favorite articles, resources and tools” thread.

As we continue to share more preliminary results of our study, we encourage everyone to keep the conversations going, starting new threads as appropriate.