Cognitive and linguistic issues

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by Christie Mason -
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Yes, IT does have it's more than fair share of acronyms (ASP has several definitions) but it is situations where T & E acronyms reuse and redefine tech acronyms and concepts that causes me problems.

I remember when I first started hearing about LCMS and "assumed" it was CMS (Content Management System) with Learner or Learning stuck in front of it.  Wrong, initially it stood for Learning COURSE Management System.  Although somenow define them as Learning CONTENT, conceptually they're still structured as COURSE Management.  Managing courses is about managing content but managing content is NOT about managing courses.  The process of managing content for learning is, should be, no different than managing content for other uses so why attempt to conceptually segregate it?

I'm not sure if knowing the terms behind tech acronyms is helpful (Google for "define:TCP/IP" or "define:ASP").  I've found it better to understand the concepts and learn which term/acronyms people use to refer to those concepts in different environments.  Sometimes the same term means different things in different environments sometimes different terms mean the same things.  It's just like moving to any new environment, it's up to those that are new to the environment to understand the established culture and language. 

Christie Mason