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by Christie Mason -
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That sounds like the same problems their site has, except I dont' see any frames.  Plus, there's content in animated gifs, and content in navigation images w/o an alt attribute.  Their header image occupies around 25% of the valuable "above the fold" area.  In total 50% of the above the fold space is occupied by inaccessible graphics.

I'm wondering if anyone knows WHY these types of programs still use frames.  Is it a holdover from SCORM implementation kludges?  CBT thinking? I can't think of any other type of application that is still using frames, just these.

On a different note, I wish there was some way to move this thread to "Current Challenges".  That may not be an accessability issue, but it's a usability issue. What would be really nice would be the ability to cross tag topics and replies within  multiple areas.

Christie Mason