Funding for National Standards Project

Re: Funding for National Standards Project

by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers -
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Dear Penny, Gary, Vivian and others,
I think that Penny's ideas of how to proceed are excellent. What bodies of post-secondary teachers would have an interest in carrying the intial steps forward? What bodies of institutions could set up this project as a priority, and perhaps apply for the SSHRC funding?

I see having a better understanding from the grass roots up is important. I think that Deirdre's ideas about the three styles of learning/teaching that need to be addressed is important. I think that art therapy, drama therapy, and dance/movement therapy may require even another additional teaching repetoire both offline and online.

I think a proactive and innovative approach to supporting effective learning for teachers/ teaching skills/training skills/ and specialization skills would be very interesting to many faculty. Making something fun, useful and innovative will make the endeavour perhaps less bureaucratic and domineering -- more balanced with positive intentions for learning and regulation. Jo Ann