Funding for National Standards Project

Funding for National Standards Project

by Penny Heaslip -
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I listened to Gary and Vivian's presentation yesterday and want to add afew comments and ideas. I think that the idea of a National Standard is would be timely given the surveys that are done to rate univsersity teachers and universities. My experience from a faculty development perspective is that there are lots of quality teachers out there that are not recognized in a formal way and just as there are many that really are terrible teachers and should be required to meet a standard.

It would be great to have a national iniative to enhance post secondary teaching. One way to work this would be through President's of University and Ministry's of Education ie a National lobby to have the the Provincial Ministries to take this idea on and fund the development. STHLE could lobby
(in a very organized way) all advanced ed ministries. Get it on a formal agenda. This would be one root.

The other is to apply to a funding group and have STHLE lead the research, and write a report on the status of training programs across the country and craete a set of standards (or if this is too big pick a province ie BC for example). The STHLE team could then use the information in two ways...lobby government to implement the standards and encopurage instituitional members to adopt the standards thus building grassroots up an expectation for improving faculty expertise as effective educators. Material could be developed for a natioanl program. We have the expertise re writing curriculum and craeting certification programs through STHLE.

A research proposal to SSHRC for funding for a National survey etc or begin across several provinces. I think that this would have National appeal re funding.

CAUT could be involved as well as Advanced Ed Ministries.
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Re: Funding for National Standards Project

by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers -
Dear Penny, Gary, Vivian and others,
I think that Penny's ideas of how to proceed are excellent. What bodies of post-secondary teachers would have an interest in carrying the intial steps forward? What bodies of institutions could set up this project as a priority, and perhaps apply for the SSHRC funding?

I see having a better understanding from the grass roots up is important. I think that Deirdre's ideas about the three styles of learning/teaching that need to be addressed is important. I think that art therapy, drama therapy, and dance/movement therapy may require even another additional teaching repetoire both offline and online.

I think a proactive and innovative approach to supporting effective learning for teachers/ teaching skills/training skills/ and specialization skills would be very interesting to many faculty. Making something fun, useful and innovative will make the endeavour perhaps less bureaucratic and domineering -- more balanced with positive intentions for learning and regulation. Jo Ann