Contribute to developing a national survey

Contribute to developing a national survey

by Gary Hunt -
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It has been mentioned in this seminar that we should consult widely among stakeholders to get feedback on how people feel about implementing a national system that would provide for national accreditation of teacher training programmes and portable, national certification of post-secondary teachers in Canada.

If we were to develop a survey for stakeholders, exactly what should we ask? Lets assume that we would have the response anchors of, strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, and strongly disagree.

Post your suggestions in this thread and if we get quite a few, we can test it on contributers to this SCoPE forum before the end date of March 22. Under each one there would be opportunity to comment.

Here are some possible examples.
  • I think Canada should have a national system of accredited teacher training programmes.
  • I think teacher training in Canada would be improved if we had a national framework of standards.
  • I think student learning would improve if all post-secondary teachers were trained.
  • I think Canada should use the UK, HEA system as a basis for our framework of standards.
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Re: Contribute to developing a national survey

by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers -
. I think Canada should offer all graduate students and post-secondary teachers free training that would server at least three teaching styles that would be applicable to various learning content and learner preferences
. I think all graduate programs could offer their students a course on how to teach as part of their curriculum