Look Kid - This is obviously deranged

Look Kid - This is obviously deranged

by Therese Weel -
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That`s what Wendy Kopps Princeton professor said to her in 1989 when she was searching for a topic for her senior thesis.


Wendy`s idea was the ground work for http://www.teachforamerica.com

A wonderful example of social entrepreneurism.

Today in our country, nine-year-olds growing up in low-income communities are already three grade levels behind their peers in high-income communities.

Half of them won't graduate from high school.

Those who do graduate will, on average, read and do math at the level of eighth graders in high-income communities.

This is our nation's most pressing problem.

But it doesn't have to be this way. While the problem is daunting, we see evidence every day in classrooms across the country that when students in low-income communities are given the educational opportunities they deserve, they excel.

It is this—the clear potential of students—that makes the disparities in educational outcomes so unconscionable and fuels our sense of urgency and responsibility to do everything we can to ensure educational opportunity for all.

Watch videos of corps members and alumni talk about their personal views on this issue.