The Use of Open Source and Free Software in Education: November 6-26, 2006



by Sylvia Currie -
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Thank you Heather for both a great idea for a seminar topic and for facilitating during a busy time of the semester at SIAST. And thanks everyone for your great contributions to this discussion on the use of open source and free software in education. I would also like to acknowledge Jim Morrison and Diane Easton at Innovate for a warm welcome to their webcasts this month. The timing of those sessions was perfect! Also, members of the TALO community were very helpful in gathering together resources to add to our Wiki.

In keeping with our new tradition here in SCoPE, I'm creating a discussion topic in this seminar called "Afterthoughts"  as an obvious place for members to post additional thoughts after the seminar end date. I've been rereading our discussion and as usual I'm finding so many gems that I didn't notice the first time through, including a few unanswered questions. Thank goodness for archives! (Which begs the question...why don't we leave courses open for students to revisit? Ahhh, another future seminar topic! smile)

I hope to see you all back for our next seminar beginning December 4th: The Accessibility of eLearning, facilitated by Catherine Fichten and Jennison Asuncion.

Sylvia Currie
Community Coordinator