Open source and Sourceforge . . .

Open source and Sourceforge . . .

by Derek Chirnside -
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From today's mail.  Maybe there is a place for some specific Education oriented input . . .

Dear member,

"By revolution we become more ourselves, not less."
-George Orwell

Open Source Software and the Open Source Software community are revolutionizing the way many companies source business applications. is looking for open-source "experts and opinion-leaders" to help shed light on key issues surrounding the delivery of service and support for these applications.

Please enroll to share your unbiased and anonymous point of view. We will reward you with a global platform on which to voice your thoughts. And you will receive cash incentives from us as a "thank you" for doing so.

Over the next thirty days, we will be collecting input and advice from Project Administrators and open source users from around the globe---via online focus groups and interactive surveys.

We think that your thoughts are valuable---please help us ensure that they are heard. Click on the following link to get started. Additional project details are provided below.

PHASE 1: During the first phase, we will be conducting interactive online discussion groups with software developers and project administrators who currently contribute to and/or use open source applications on **Please note: the spaces for Phase I have already been filled and this phase is nearing completion. We invite you to join us during the second phase, which is detailed below.***

PHASE 2: During the second phase, we will be conducting an online survey.

  • A link to the online survey will be emailed to all participating technology professionals during the week of November 20th.
  • Participating technology professionals will be asked to complete the 15-20 minute survey at some point during that week.
  • Participants can log-on and complete the questionnaire at any time of the day or night.

****As a thank you for your time, each participant who completes the questionnaire will receive US $10****

In order to fully understand how we can better meet your needs, we need your help and we hope that you will be willing to participate in at least one of the phases listed above. As a reminder, the information you provide is completely confidential. will not try to sell you anything during this survey or the focus group discussion. Your personal information will never be sold to a third party for any reason.

To sign-up to participate in this collaborative research project, simply click on the link below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Jay Seirmarco
General Manager