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Sakai space to play

by Sylvia Currie -
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Derek mentioned Sakai and I thought I should let everyone know that we have a SCoPE worksite set up at the Sakai Project site.

A worksite is just the label put on the space. Mostly it's just for play. :-) If you'd like to poke around Sakai you're welcome to use the SCoPE worksite.
- Create an account at
- One in your workspace click on "membership" then the "joinable sites" link
- Scroll down to SCoPE (you may have to click the next button to get to there)
- Select SCoPE and click join

There hasn't been any activity in there for a long time so you'll find it a little bare! Let me know if you have difficulties finding your say to the SCoPE worksite. I think I have it set up properly but I'm not 100% sure.

As far as an education open source project Sakai sure has attracted a lot of attention. I've lost track of the latest developments, but it seemed they were using an interesting partnership model. Has it become a the "designed by educators" LMS everyone was hoping for?