The Educational Value of Podcasting: October 4-22, 2006



by Sylvia Currie -
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We've done it again. Our scheduled SCoPE seminar has gone into overtime! Thanks, Richard, for being such a sport and offering to keep things rolling for awhile during your busy semester!

Now I remember during our last seminar on Informal learning there was a bit of a reaction to using the the phrase "winding down" and it resulted in some really good discussions about how to bring closure to a seminar. I've been revisiting some of that earlier correspondence, and a solution sent by email from Derek Chirnside really stood out. He suggested I create a new thread as an obvious place for people to post additional thoughts after the seminar end date. Afterthoughts seems like an appropriate label for that.

So to direct focus on our next seminar, The Use of Open Source and Free Software facilitated by Heather Ross, we will shift this seminar to the newly named section:  Past Seminar Discussions...but always open. Afterthoughts encouraged!

I expect to have some afterthoughts later today after I attend a presentation at the BCcampus Fall Workshop in Vancouver:
Podcasting: a mix of infrastructure and innovation? with Frances Atkinson and Richard Smith from SFU, and Jan Cioe, UBC

Thanks everybody for such great contributions to this seminar!
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Re: Afterthoughts

by Richard Smith -
As Sylvia mentioned, I did a little podcast of my presentation this afternoon. I would attach it to this message but it is just over 5mb so I am going to link to it instead:

You'll probably need to "right click" on that link - most browsers don't recognize the .m4b as a file format that they figure they should be playing, so they just dump it to your screen (yech).

Once it downloads, open it in iTunes or Quicktime (Mac or Windows). Then you'll hear and see the talk/slides.

This discussion forum has been a great experience for me, and I look forward to your afterthoughts... no matter how long after they are...

And perhaps we'll pick it up again sometime in the future on a new/related topic.