Final Summary and Thanks!

Re: Final Summary and Thanks!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks so much Scott for taking the time to facilitate this important discussion. We really appreciate the way you organized the discussion topics each week and at the same time left it wide open to encourage new directions and tangents.

And thanks so much to everybody who participated! As Scott says, we had participants from several countries and many who chose to read along. We don't always know about the peripheral group but sometimes we find out about your presence other ways, like blog posts, or this time a few smiling faces popped up in the poll.

Over the 3 weeks we generated quite a list of resources! If you're bookmarking them for yourself in Delicious be sure to add the tag 'scope1222'. Also, the seminar wiki could prove to be a valuable summary of our time together. It's useful for the archives to have an overview of our seminars, even if they're not too elaborate. I've added a few headings (and promises smile) to build the wiki and I encourage you to join me.

Our next scheduled seminar is Developing a National Framework of Teaching Expectations March 2 - 22, 2009 with Gary Hunt and Vivian Neal. Hope to see you all there!

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Coordinator