Unsubscribing to Scope???

Unsubscribing to Scope???

by mikael hellberg -
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Hi folks. This is an interesting site. However I made the mistake of subscribing to to the forum and I cannot manage to unsubscribe completely despite having tried those methods suggested on the site. Every time a new topic comes up I am automatically subscribed to it and receive tons of mail from Scope. There is no webmaster information or help dealing with this on the site and I have searched extensively. That is why I must place a post in this unappropriate place. Can someone help me or refer me to someone who has the power to remove me this please and I would be grateful. I have however read the following from http://scope.bccampus.ca/help.php?module=forum&file=subscription2.html :

"If you choose the option "Yes, initially" then all current and future course users will be subscribed initially but they can unsubscribe themselves at any time. If you choose "Yes, forever" then they will not be able to unsubscribe themselves. "

This is scary and can force people to abandon email addresses.



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Re: Unsubscribing to Scope???

by Sylvia Currie -
Micke, to the rescue! I just removed you from the SCoPE seminar discussions area. I'm glad you asked the question because others may be wondering the same thing.

There are a few ways to manage your participation in SCoPE.

1) Managing participation in each seminar discussion

The SCoPE Seminar Discussions are set up with the "subscribe initially" option. This means that you will receive forum posts by email if you have your email account enabled on the site (see #3). To unsubscribe, or to subscribe via RSS, go to the forum list. You can also manage this by opening a forum and clicking "unsubscribe me from this forum" and/or clicking the RSS button. #1 is a common choice for members because they like to be reminded that a new seminar is starting up, then decide at that point if they want to participate.

2) Managing participation in the scheduled seminar discussions group

You can chose to leave the SCoPE seminar discussions group altogether. Click the "unenrol me from SCoPE seminars" link either on the main group page, or from your profile. (Access your profile by clicking on your name anywhere it appears on the site.)

3) Turning off email subscriptions altogether

In your profile click the "edit profile" button. There is a pull down menu beside "email activated". You can select "This email address is disabled. You will not receive email from the SCoPE site." You'll also see other options in your profile, like digest. All forums are set up with RSS, including the MicroSCoPE newsletter.

I hope this helps! BTW, we never use the "subscribe forever" feature here in SCoPE.

Sylvia (scurrie@bccampus.ca)