Final Draft of my sections

Final Draft of my sections

by June Kaminski -
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Hi Ladies,

I am attaching the final draft of my sections for Chapter 4.

Sylvia, I put all my work in the version 5 template. Do you want to send me your pieces to merge with these ones?

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Re: Final Draft of my sections

by June Kaminski -

I forgot to include the glossary - please look at this edition (attached).

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Final(ish) Draft

by Sylvia Currie -
June, I probabably should have taken you up on your offer to add my sections to the document. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is intact, but for some reason the images aren't currently showing up. I nearly had a heart attack! But then I printed the chapter and voila there they were.

Anyway, aside from a bit of a struggle with the template and various versions of MS Word, I think it's ready to hand over to the editors.

If you get a chance, would you mind checking to see if everything is lined up and showing up properly? Also, feel free to make any changes to my secitons:  learning outcomes, intro, patterns from clouds, conclusion, and a few glossary items.

Thanks a bunch (and for your patience getting to this stage!) smile

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Re: Final(ish) Draft

by June Kaminski -
This looks great Sylvia!

I am attaching a slightly edited version - some of the top black headers were not showing the white text - it was coming through as black on black.

I am hoping that with the final version they will typeset the chapter so the Multiple Intelligences and Generational Cohort tables come out all on one page.

I am proud of us!