Some notes from the book project meeting today

Some notes from the book project meeting today

by Sylvia Currie -
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A few notes taken during the book project meeting today.
  • Extended deadline for final drafts September 15.
  • Voted on whether or not to include learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter. Consensus was to leave them in.
  • Too early to say too much, but there is interest from publishers, and BCCampus is assisting with process.
  • Licensing agreement - need to print, sign and fax
  • Need academic bio (my own note -- as a reader I think I'd rather know about experiences of the author, but maybe this is for the publishers), and head & shoulder image (I'd better check-- I'm probably wearing a bicycle helmet!
  • Chapter maps - Sandy mentioned June's image as an alternative and creative version of a chapter map. When all drafts are in we'll see which chapter mayors need help with maps.
  • We will contribute to the final chapter on the future.
  • Stories from the front line -- Elizabeth Childs looking for stories from book contributors -- what they've tried, what has worked, what hasn't worked.
  • Sandy mentioned using images for community case studies. I'm gathering this goes for all chapters as well.
  • Screenshots -- okay, for example Microsoft says okay to to use provided not used in a derogatory manner. IMPORTANT - always keep track of where each image comes from.
  • Sandy is phoning people in an attempt to gather together the missing bits and pieces.

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Re: Some notes from the book project meeting today

by June Kaminski -
Great, thanks for the update Sylvia!

Sandy had asked me if I was able to attend the session today in case people had questions about how to make graphics, but I had to teach today.

So far, we don't need to worry about sources of graphics - I made all the ones that are currently in Chapter 4 in Photoshop. So, we are the source.