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Tatanka take 2

Re: Tatanka take 2

by Khairunnisa Ali -
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Hi Barb

I was trying to do a margin note but it was too long. 

My comment was around 2 points

1. It's great they are getting to pick what stood out or challenged them

2. Separate idea but could you in this prompt also ask them if the concept of Tatanka exists in their cultural upbringing and only if they feel it does, as they may not. Just another thought to have the make that connection.

Otherwise, it seems the prompt does meet the criteria we were given in terms of the remaining pieces. 

Guiding questions:

  • Does this discussion prompt compel you to participate? (Feel free to jump into the role of participant!)
  • **** really like that I would get to pick what stood out to me and freely discuss it without the theory per se, at this point and go in either the direction of what challenged me or what I related to.
  • Are you clear how to contribute to the discussion?  
  • *** Very clear on how to reply, even that I need to post first. In the reply phase, could there  maybe be encouragement to see some peers's posts for common responses or their questions and share their thoughts on the ones that feel they have more to offer for. Your instruction is clear but just another way to make them think about it. Or one they feel they can relate to and one that feel they want to ask more about, etc. Just some thoughts. I am not sure, I'd have to experiment and see how it went. 
  • Would you feel motivated to continue to engage in this discussion after your initial reply?  Possibly. 
  • Do you have any other creative ideas about how this prompt could have been approached differently?
  • ***Noted above

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