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Building relationships and Understanding about Black Lives Matter

Re: Second draft - Building relationships and Understanding about Black Lives Matter

by Khairunnisa Ali -
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Wow Avery

I completely felt compelled to reply to your post! It's such a current event and personally meaningul to me, maybe that's why. 

And I LOVE the way you structured the post to keep it 'safe' in how students reply to each other, as well.  Will make comments below. Based on Take 2, which now has timelines. The only other thing you may or may not want to do is estimate how long the each step might take ( Could take you up to ____minutes/hours,  for example).  I WILL CAPITALIZE MY COMMENTS BELOW IN YOUR POST

Course: introduction to Criminology 

Program: Criminal & Social Justice 

Draft Discussion Prompt: Thank you for participating in our introductions and providing us with some feedback on what a safe and supportive learning space online looks like for you. It is important that we create a safe and respectful learning space where confidence is maintained so we can explore and challenge or embrace our biases, judgments and grow our knowledge and understanding. Many of the subjects that we talk about will bring up many emotions and you likely have some understanding or judgement on these matters. Sometimes these judgments are inaccurate and can cloud our access to acquiring a more holistic and unbiased understanding. As we will learn in the coming weeks, most of our information on crime and justice comes from interactions with media, which does not usually provide us with a holistic and objective/neutral perspective nor foster critical thinking.

One of the main themes we will discuss throughout this course is Racism. Our 2 main focuses will be on the treatment of Indigenous peoples emphasized through the missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiries and the treatment of people of color and the Black Lives Matter movement. We are going to learn about these together and repeatedly tie these examples into our content so that by the end of the course we have a more complete and hands on understanding of the content and these matters.

Forum Posting - Complete by Wednesday at 6 p.m.

In this discussion posting we are going to explore our thoughts, feelings and reactions to images on the Black Lives Matters movement in Canada that appear in media. It is important for us to think critically about our reactions and preconceived attitudes, beliefs and judgments about these important issues. This necessary for us to move forth and open up to various perspectives and acquiring knowledge on this matters. You will work alone and in collaboration with your classmates on this discussion forum. Through this discussion forum your will build relationships with your classmates and collaboratively share ideas and information.

In the last year the Black Lives Matter movements have amplified globally and have created many reactions and responses. We are going to engage in a 4 step process here to encourage critical thinking, self reflection, exploring our biases, judgement and knowledge and then working together to acquire a more complete understanding of Black Lives Matters.

STEP 1- Take a moment and view this image from a Black Lives Matter Rally in Calgary, AB

BLM Rally, Calgary Alberta


STEP 2- Self- Reflection- On a piece of paper, jot down the following: (COULD ESTIMATE HOW MUCH TIME THEY MIGHT SPEND HERE)

  • Think about what you SEE? 

  • What is going on in this photo? Why are these people gathered?

  • What FEELINGS come up for you? 

  • What THOUGHTS are being evoked for you?

  • What Questions are being raised for you?

  • Of the posters that you can see in this image, which ones resonate with your thoughts or feelings?

  • Which one (ones) challenges your thoughts or feelings and/ or makes your feel uncomfortable or has you wanting to learn more or need to understand more.


 STEP 3- Complete by 6 p.m. on Wednesday In this discussion forum, please create an original post and share the following:

  • Select one of the posters in this image and share what this poster means to you. Share your thoughts, feelings etc. and explain why you selected it. 

  • Share one of the questions that you have about the Black Lives Matter movement evoked from this image.

STEP 4- Review your classmates contributions.

  • Explore and document in your notes what you learned from the explanations that others provided. Write down if any of your views or thoughts were challenges or supported. This is to enhance your knowledge and understanding. We will have a live open discussion in our live class where those who would like can share these experiences.    (SUPER THAT YOU WILL DISCUSS BEFORE THEY POST TO EACH OTHER)

  • Select 2 classmates postings and ADD an article, image that may help your classmate answer the question that they posted.  LOVE THAT THE REPLY IS BASED ON SOMETHING THEY FIND IN WRITING OR A VISUAL, SINCE THIS CAN BE A VERY SENSITIVE TOPIC AND IS SCAFFOLDED BY THE LIVE DISCUSSION BEFORE

  • Ensure your posting is made by Friday at 6 pm to allow others to view and discuss until Monday


To Clarify: 

To receive full participation marks for this week, You are required to:

  •  make one original forum posting containing the  criteria by Wednesday at 6 p.m.(explained in Step 3)  AND

  •  respond to 2 other classmates postings, by Friday at 6 p.m. (as stated in Step 4)

 VERY CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS! I will be keep a copy of this to help me in my posts in future! Thanks!