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Will't please you sit, and look at her?

Re: Will't please you sit, and look at her?

by Khairunnisa Ali -
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Hello Caley,

Well if your students are like me in these one week courses, I find it sometimes easier to get going earlier in the week, when looking over things (of course, it depends what else is on my(their) plate).  So, I do like the suggestions made already, especially for #1. 

In looking at the questions for use to consider:

Guiding questions:

  • Does this discussion prompt compel you to participate? (Feel free to jump into the role of participant! 
  • **** I am going to assume I know what the silent auditor is, at this point in the course. #2 is more interesting to reply to, so is #1 really needed, maybe they can somehow be captured in one?
  • Are you clear how to contribute to the discussion?
  • *** You are clear in how to contribute, if you want some creativity, make note of that flexibility in how they respond. 
  • Would you feel motivated to continue to engage in this discussion after your initial reply?
  • ****I think if #1 was following what Elena suggested, it would make it more fun to engage and reply and might depend on other responses. It's a tricky thing..I think your plan for them asking a question will more naturally lead to conversation and is something for me to think more about myself, when creating these discussions. 
  • Do you have any other creative ideas about how this prompt could have been approached differently?
  • ***** Could they create a response that is a dramatic monologue to the poem and/or concept? Not sure, maybe it's too early to ask of them. But maybe it's not. Sometimes, I have found just trying something to see if it results in something unexpected or not is the best way to test out.  And maybe explicitly say you are not marking for that but that you want to let them have fun and open their creativity in the communication?  Maybe a video or visual response could be options, to see what they produce?