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Re: Tatanka

by Barbara Mauter -
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Thank you for your feedback Rosilyn!

Much appreciated. I see what you mean, in the reference back to the readings and activities. Sorry, I did omit part of this assignment for this post. I shall backup and share the students were assigned the readings and YouTube videos. The initial portion asked students to think about these, and what the individuals saying? What message was contained within this Hopi Origin story? Students were to keep these thoughts in mind as they worked through the activities for the week.

I do like your question: "Which resources challenged/changed your own views of the world?"  I may have to include this! A number of my students have expressed how their "thinking" has been challenged by what they are learning!

So glad to hear you were drawn to this post!! I do try to add an image to my discussions.  Teaching online I feel there "needs" to be more than lots of text!!

GREAT to hear you are reading "Braiding Sweetgrass" I found it to be a very insightful book, I really enjoyed and have been recommending to many! 

Thank you re the "fascinating" comment about my course! I do hope my students feel this way too!! It is brand new and I know I have some kinks to work out of it. I am also open to suggestions from students about what they do and don't like, or what need "work" or revisions.

Hope you  have a great semester!