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Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

Re: Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

by Khairunnisa Ali -
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Hi Doug

I really like that idea.  And will plan to do it for some activities for sure. I know the video I picked, the recruiter seems a bit egotistical, let's call it. lol.  And at the same time, he makes some good points and then students have to look or support their finding from it by looking for other sources, so was mean to get them to question what they see people saying on the internet, too and maybe I can make that a bit more explicit.  There are a lot of bad tips on job search on the internet, too.  What I do find, with the subject I teach of professional readiness is that no matter how much we say the same message, students hear it differently from who they consider to be HR or hiring managers, so balancing both seems to get them to learn more about this, when they don't just hear it from us. 

I do think doing a video slide deck of some sort of my own or something that has H5P would be good to build up to them doing some exploration. Thanks!