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Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

by Khairunnisa Ali -
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 I am posting a question I used in my summer professional readiness course, which students take before they move forward into Co-op education. It's about the concept of objectives on resumes. I would love some comments. It was well responded to but based on some of the tips in the course, maybe I am showing some bias based on the video selected or there may be ways to make this more engaging. 

The first paragraph was not in the post, so I added that in today for this draft.  I would also like to set up next time, the restriction that they must post first.  

Please begin by watching this short video on the section of your resume which gives the first impression(about 7 min)




In case the video does not work, here is the link which you can copy and paste.

As we have been talking about in class, resumes are pretty subjective in how they are received, depending on the preference of the hiring manager reviewing it. Knowing that, it is important to know what are some of the common and current best practices and why and then decide what makes sense for you. 

1. What is one key or new thing you learned from this video or one question you still have after watching this video?

2. Write down your question or take away and find two other resources online that answer your question or clarifies this a bit more.  Or you can also see if information in the course manual, as one of your sources. Find other experts and reflect on if they are saying the same thing or not? 

Post your findings in the forum post below in a few paragraphs to a page.  You could also submit a video reply (upload using the Kaltura button in this section) and address all these same points, if you wish. 

Time for this assignment: It may take you up to 1 hour to do this assignment. (Between doing some research online and the course manual and then drawing some parallels or differences, you can formulate your questions or response and reflections.) 

  • Please be sure to include the website and people's names from whom you are drawing some initial observations and thoughts around resumes, NOT including Andy and this YouTube video. 

3. Take some time to also read some of your peers' posts and comment on one you find interesting and when you post your comment, it should be something showing some insight, offering your perspective while adding to their research or possibly offering other options you have come across. 

What is not a good reply to a peer's post is simply say things like:

I agree

What a great idea

I am not sure if that is correct...etc

Any comments that are opinions but do not offer some quality or rationale in the response will not to provide the other person any value.  

If you agree, say why you agree, based on findings of your own or even draw something you noted from the course materials more specifically.  

If someone has a lot of replies, try to connect with a different peer or add something new if you jump in on a long thread that compels you. 

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Re: Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

by Branca Mirnic -

Thank you Khairunnisa for sharing the video and the detailed instruction on the discussion expectations.

According to the criteria given to us in the rubric, your discussion hits each of the criterion: the instruction is descriptive, it is specific with the video included, you used a respectful approach to talk to your students, the video and the assignment are useful for their future career; it will engage the students and it has a realistic time span.

Thanks again


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Re: Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

by Doug Strable -

Hello Khairunnisa,

I love using images (and videos) as prompts for discussions as well. While Andy raises some good points, I'm not a fan of this video or other "talking head" videos. 

Have you thought about creating a simple slide deck with photos and doing the voice-over yourself? I know we're all pressed for time but I feel the discussions from students would be more engaging, authentic, and fun if you started the video and had students add to it. 


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Re: Objectives in resumes, to be or not to be?

by Khairunnisa Ali -

Hi Doug

I really like that idea.  And will plan to do it for some activities for sure. I know the video I picked, the recruiter seems a bit egotistical, let's call it. lol.  And at the same time, he makes some good points and then students have to look or support their finding from it by looking for other sources, so was mean to get them to question what they see people saying on the internet, too and maybe I can make that a bit more explicit.  There are a lot of bad tips on job search on the internet, too.  What I do find, with the subject I teach of professional readiness is that no matter how much we say the same message, students hear it differently from who they consider to be HR or hiring managers, so balancing both seems to get them to learn more about this, when they don't just hear it from us. 

I do think doing a video slide deck of some sort of my own or something that has H5P would be good to build up to them doing some exploration. Thanks!