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Things that make you go....Hmmm?

Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Norma Sherret -
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Welcome to Nursing Research!

You’ll recall from our discussions in Nursing Inquiry that inquiry is the process nurses use to make sense of their nursing world. Research is a systematic approach used in the inquiry process to support our understanding of the things we wonder about as nurses.

So, let’s kick off our time together in this Nursing Research course and capture some of our experiences that support our research practices as future nurses.

Here’s your first researcher challenge:

Reflect on your nursing practice experiences this summer and identify aspects of your experiences that made you think, “Hmmm…I wonder about that”.

Now, choose one experience that stood out for you, provide a brief overview of it (100 words) and complete the following statements:

When I think about that experience, I wonder why…

When I think about that experience, I wonder what…

When I think about that experience, I wonder who…

When I think about that experience, I wonder when…

When I think about that experience, I wonder how…

This is an exercise in creativity so go ahead, have some fun...take some risks with your wonderings!

Once you’ve posted your responses, read posts from at least 3 of your student colleagues and pose a question to them about their response. Your questions are intended to demonstrate your own curiosity about their experience and provide them with an opportunity to think about their experience in deeper way, or perhaps, from another point of view.

We will debrief this exercise in our first synchronous class on Monday, so be sure to complete this activity by midnight on Sunday.

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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Rosilyn Teng -


I really enjoyed reading your post.  It is both welcoming and challenging.  

I found your instructions very clear; I knew the timeline and the expectation. I excited about the opportunity to hear about my classmates' experiences in the synchronous class.

 May I ask how you grade this type of post and the requirement to post to three other classmates?  Is it simply a completion mark?

I had a sense that this is a time consuming task when it comes to tracking and marking.

All the best!

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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Norma Sherret -

Hi Roselyn,

Thanks for your question about grading the discussion forum. It's always such a deliberation for me about what to do in terms of assigning a grade percentage for discussions. Typically, I provide students a rubric to gauge their own performance and they rank themselves and then I also rank them based on my sense of the quality of their contributions (outlined in the rubric). I have the students do this both at midterm and at the end of the course and usually, we come out pretty close in our evaluation of their contributions. I should also add that I do give value to efforts made by students to share a useful resource with their student I guess it's more than just discussion input but the contribution to our community of learning together that I acknowledge.

I have a very heavy teaching semester this fall and I have not taught online before. Given that I am fortunate to teach in a cohorted model and that we have a philosophy of shared responsibility in the learning space (shared between learners and instructor), I think I will not grade the discussion forum for this course and see how it goes. I will have a synchronous session for this group every week and my plan is to bring these discussion questions/responses to those "live" sessions to further unpack them, correct any misunderstandings and then link that work to what's coming next in the course.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful to you.

Wish me luck! :)


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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Doug Strable -

Hello Norma, 

While I am not a nursing professional the unknown factor in the title caught my attention and I just had to look further. I'm glad I did. 

I love how the prompt focuses on the student experience and relates the activity to their personal lives. Using prompts such as "Your research challenge" makes learning very personal and meaningful.   This is a terrific example of the "environment" issue I was trying to get across in the Open Forum.  I often see instructors and administrators in my region get absorbed into the materials and forget how the questions or stories in the lecture relate to the students' lives.  

I want to stop and answer the questions, even though I'm not a nursing researcher, and join the synchronous class on Monday. What time did you say it was? 

Thank you for sharing a great example of involving participants in learning! 


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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Norma Sherret -

HI Doug,

Thanks for your generous feedback. I've been concerned about "talking" too much via my online instructions. I appreciate the encouragement and we will meet Mondays from 1300-1500 every week and of course, you'd be welcome to join :):)



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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Melanie Chernoff -

This is such a clear and directed question. As I read each statement I could almost picture what I would say for each one making this question an engaging one for me to complete. Hopefully your students felt the same way! This aligns with the "Muddiest Point" idea from the FLO boot camp which would allows students to post the ideas they still need clarification on. Good one!

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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Norma Sherret -

Thanks Melanie,

I appreciate the reminder about the "Muddiest Point". I am considering using the private journal option to further assist students in their development as researchers as I see this as a place for them to share their questions/concerns about their projects separate from discussions with their peers.

Thanks for the kind feedback and en-courage-ment...I'll take all the courage I can get as I launch into this strange, yet exciting new world of online teaching!


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Re: Things that make you go....Hmmm?

by Elena Felgar -

Wow, this is a fabulous prompt! What I love about this is how the title draws me in. I wanted to know more and find out what would be asked. I also really appreciate the specific timelines and expectations for number of responses. As a learner who thrives in structure, this really works for me! I also appreciate knowing how this discussion prompt relates to the rest of the course. Knowing that we will be coming together to have synchronous conversation about this helps me in crafting a written forum response as well as be prepared to talk about it further. 

Thank you for the great model!