New to this topic? What are your questions?

Re: New to this topic? What are your questions?

by Prince Obiri-Mainoo -
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Dear Scott, Sylvia and all of you out there,

I am just excited to find OERs as alternative to proprietary software. The population I deal with in Africa and among those in the Diaspora have several financial issues to deal with on daily basis. I could see the desire to get trained and learn more about e-learning, ICT and technology generally among teachers, students and even government officials. Yet, there is always the issue of affordability.

Even though we are not visible when it comes to sharing ideas on creation and usability of OERs on this forum, we are always reading and gleaning from your wonderful contributions. Thank you all for the interesting postings so far.

I hope you may find the following link on the top 100 open courseware projects useful. I just stumbled upon it this morning: Enjoy!