Form follows function

Form follows function

by Jay Cross -
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This afternoon, while walking the hills of Berkeley, I had an informal learning epiphany, and I'd like to thank the group for fueling my inspiration. This doesn't go back to an individual post or even an individual, although Christie and Nancy have gotten me, excuse the expression, cognitively aroused on more than one occasion. All of you helped me peer out of the box.

White space. I got to thinking about what we didn't discuss. As David has documented, we covered a lot of ground. But almost everything focused on the learning process. We talked of attitudes, andragogy, sharing, the web, games, simulation, motivators, eLearning ecosystems, learning milieux, and fun. We didn't really talk about what people are learning, about the shifting nature of knowledge.

I just posted an essay on my blog about how the net is empowering people to create their own knowledge. This horrifies the establishment but is music to the ears of we who are in the vanguard of finding new ways to do things. Power to the people, so to speak.

Again, thank you all. I give you my highest compliment: I have learned from you.

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Re: Form follows function

by Ann Busby -
Jay, I read your essay, and I will remember I before E-thank you!