Day 5: LS FLO MicroCourse: Celebrate!

Day 5: LS FLO MicroCourse: Celebrate!

by Leva Lee -
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Hi Everyone,

It’s Friday afternoon and we are moving to the close of the LS FLO MicroCourse. Beth and I have been astounded by the high level of participation and delighted by all the thoughtful LS designs and peer feedback given in your triad groups.  We hope you found this MicroCourse helpful in your journey to learn more about Liberating Structures and to experience what you could start doing with LS creatively in an online context. We look forward to hearing more from you through the W3 activity and what your next steps will be.

If you need to take a bit more time to finish in your triads going into the weekend, we invite you to do so.  If you have a resource to share on Liberating Structures or other ones that came up in your conversations, please feel free to share in the Open Forum. We have also just posted the LS Design Storyboard in Tips and Resources which you may find as a helpful tool in your planning.

For those seeking more practice and meeting other LS practitioners, there are two active Liberating Structures User Groups in B.C. which meet face-to-face to practice regularly:

Vancouver LS User Group led by Leva Lee and Barish Golland

Victoria LS User Group led by Beth Cougler Blom and Tracy Roberts

Together, our groups have also met and experimented with LS online. Everyone is welcome to join us!

And for an abundance of resources and a great network of global LS practitioners, join the LS Slack group (based out of Seattle and coordinated by Nancy White and Fisher Qua)

Thank you for learning about and exploring Liberating Structures with us in FLO this week. We look forward to learning with you again.

All the Best,

Leva and Beth