Day 5: We're in the home stretch!

Day 5: We're in the home stretch!

by Beth Cougler Blom -
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It's Friday!

It has been wonderful to watch and comment on your triad work over the last two days. Did you recognize the process as perhaps a Liberating Structure that we were attempting to do asynchronously online? We hope you found it valuable to share your ideas and receive some feedback. If you haven't had a chance to thank your "consultants" for their advice, take a moment to do that soon in your triad forum. And if you feel that you still could use some more guidance and support on your situation, feel free to post either in the Popcorn Style forum or in the Open Forum to keep the questions coming.

For Leva and I this week has been an interesting exploration into talking about a mixture of modes for LS while working together asynchronously online with the tools that we have. We're so curious to hear how it's gone for you.

Today the Activity Packet notes that we'll be entering Step 5, the Review and Feedback phase. We ask you to do this through a What, So What, Now What? activity. This is all happening in the Open Forum, where you'll find one thread set up for each. Please respond to them in order and try to stay "true" to the structure. The ladder of inference is there for you as a guide.

We'll post again later today/tonight to begin our wrap up process. Thanks all,

Beth and Leva