Day 4: Give and Get Help now and then some!

Day 4: Give and Get Help now and then some!

by Leva Lee -
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Hello Everyone!

Lots of action happening in the Open Forum and the Sharing and Feedback Forum! We didn’t anticipate that there would be such interest in using Liberating Structures in a variety of modes. So glad we are able to provide the opportunity for everyone to explore. We too are trying a few things out for the first time. In the spirit of LS, we “fail forward” together!

By this time, you should have posted your LS Activity to your group (triad). And as noted in the Activity packet: Day 4, Step 4, you will be changing hats from Client (if you’ve not already done so) to Consultant and providing advice to the two others in your group. 

baby and hat

Note: If you would like to offer some feedback to someone who is not in your group, a reminder to you that you can do so using Marginalia . A quick video by Beth walking through how to use this cool tool is here.

As well, tips have been provided for you in the Sharing and Feedback Forum on the mindset for receiving or providing feedback in your triads. And if you want more advice beyond your triad group feel free to post your LS Activity in the additional forum.

Lastly, please continue to ask any questions and share your ideas and stories in the Open Forum!

Cheers and have a great day!

Leva and Beth