Is this informal or formal?

Re: Is this informal or formal?

by Ann Busby -
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And I have a story from kindergarden that shows how I've always marched to my own drumming-the teacher had us stand up and whistle a song, but cut us off before we were through. To this day, I can't remember if I kept whistling because I wasn't finished (stubborn) or just didn't hear her-but got sent to the pincipal's office anyway. It was so emabarassing, I didn't go back, just flat refused. My mother was stuck taking care of the teacher's daughter ( a deal they had), even though I never went back! Teachers do shape not only our learning, our life expectations, but even our self-concepts. Lot of power for one person, isn't it?

I too always got good grades, but found it easy to regurgitate what was put in front of me (except Geometry-man, that was another language!). So how is it that I'm still an excited life-long learner? Is that something even poor teachers can't beat out of us? Ann