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by Donna DesBiens -
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Hi Sylvia, Terri & Beth,

Thank you all for the feedback. 

It's affirming to hear which pieces seem to work well, e.g. that trust and relationship building precede this likely vulnerable activity and the choice of HSR to start building faculty empathy. The next activity is about developing more equitable assessment for cultural 'others' so those pieces of feedback confirm the activity sequence for me.  

I'm also glad to hear that the language sounds warm, inviting, and focuses on working with students - that's what I was aiming for. 

In your generative feedback, all 3 of you also nailed activity aspects I was struggling with myself.   

On Sylvia's question about "responding in the same way," I only want to convey that responses should be succinct - long posts spell long time commitments for everyone in asynchronous.  Terri's feedback about forming small groups to share stories is helpful on this point too - it could take a lot of time to read everyone's posts and might even start feeling like a sad therapy group!  

Taken together with Beth's question about the vulnerability of whole class share, I think the idea of small groups is a better fit with the purpose of HSR. (Pairs might be a problem because of variable participation patterns). The relative privacy of small group Collaborate sessions or discussion forums is likely to feel safer and better support both the active listening practice and harvesting of patterns - first by the groups, and then include a facilitator synthesis at the end. And maybe model the Troika adaptation used in this share/feedback activity to come at the listening and harvest, while saving time!  

Thanks Terri, for your suggestion about connecting the privilege piece into the HSR question before they view the video.  That was still a loose end in my draft. And so important because 'privilege' is one of the big triggers for reactivity.    

So helpful! Thanks again, Donna 

PS Sylvia, the course runs in November - would love it if you can join in. I try to structure it to keep the time commitment to about 4 hours a week.