Day 3: Give and Get Help now

Day 3: Give and Get Help now

by Leva Lee -
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Good morning everyone! The conversations you’ve been having in the Open Forum have been rich and plentiful!  It’s great to see so many connections being made…

Today we launch into the Review and Feedback Phase and Step 3 of the Activity Packet where you will Get into Groups and Post your Liberating Structures Activity. Using the Google signup sheet, we have created groups for you in the Sharing and Feedback Forum. Please follow the instructions and post your Liberating Structures Activity providing information about your context, purpose, choice of LS and a draft invitation.

Here's a visual we created to show you how the groups (triads) work for Step 3 and 4.

We have also created an additional forum for those of you who prefer to "dip in" and share your LS Activity or provide help, "free-form".

Get creative and have fun with this! If you need help, please let us know.

Leva and Beth