A bit late but I'm probably on Kootenay time!

A bit late but I'm probably on Kootenay time!

by Michelle Laurie -
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Hi everyone, 

My name is Michelle Laurie and I work as a consultant from my home office in Rossland, BC. I'm excited to be here and learn with everyone this week. As for the questions: 

  • What big question do you have about Liberating Structures as we begin our time together?
Like some others that chimed in earlier, I've been using a variety of the techniques over the years and really love them. I'd like to get beyond the menu to understanding more how to use them as a framework to support strategy design (as an example). I did attempt this with a client a couple months ago and they found it very challenging to follow. Instead they picked up a few ideas they liked, chucked the rest, re-organized and well....this might be okay but I would prefer to understand better the importance of the order of the strings, the pitfalls of including or dropping steps, and how to generally share the ideas in LS better (without freaking people out (the more traditional folks). 

  • What do you hope to get from and give this group this week?
I am looking forward to learning from other people's experiences, especially those working with more structured and traditional groups (the ones that aren't terribly open to playing...) and I am happy to share my experiences as well as give my 2 cents here and there! 

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Re: A bit late but I'm probably on Kootenay time!

by Beth Cougler Blom -

Michelle, welcome! We're glad you're here. I noticed you have jumped in with both feet, fantastic!