Live from Secwepemculew (Kamloops)

Live from Secwepemculew (Kamloops)

by Keira McPhee -
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Hello all,

Wonderful to read all your intro posts and slide in before day 2 is done:)

I've been co-facilitating with LS online with a community of practice for people working in food system networks/food policy councils in BC.

Big thanks to the kick-start immersion with Beth and Tracey Roberts last year and ongoing co-learning with Nancy White. Nice to see Donna Desbiens here from the immersion last year too!

I resonated with Nancy's journey with LS. Many felt familiar to me after 25 years of facillitating in community and higher ed settings. But I'm finding more and more ease in crafting sessions based on strings of LS,  with the help of the menu linking purpose to structure. It's a handy-dandy toolkit/approach/community.

I also nodded up and down with Asif's comments on 'liberating'. When I first heard about LS it evoked popular education, liberation theology, theatre of the oppressed, Paolo Freire. So I was a little disappointed-  'so we're liberating ourselves from boring meetings?' Not a bad goal in itself of course. But what about dismantling racism? Is there anything in the structures particularly that challenge power and privilege?

At the LS gathering in Seattle in March, my colleague and I tried out a string on 'unpacking white privilege' and it worked really well.

My big question is in there somewhere but I've got to run! I'll pop back in later. Happy to share my experience facilitating LS online. 

Lovely to meet you all! Keira

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Re: Live from Secwepemculew (Kamloops)

by Leva Lee -

Hi Keira 

Glad to see you in this course this week. 

Maybe we can delve deeper in some of those critical questions you have raised on how we can support  dialogue on difficult topics using LS.  I agree it's all fine and dandy to increase engagement at first level but many of use aspire to higher goals and bigger challenges. But it's a start to see what is possible.

Look forward to chatting more.