Day 2: The Creation Phase begins...

Day 2: The Creation Phase begins...

by Beth Cougler Blom -
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Hi all,

Wow, what a great start yesterday! I really appreciated seeing all the connections forming in the Open Forum as you posted and replied to each other's posts. You found linkages with each other about using Liberating Structures online, wondering about how and why they work, what frameworks they are built on, and more! I'm sure those conversations will keep deepening today as you return to support each other and share your experiences and questions.

Today we do Step 2, which is starting to think about designing an activity using Liberating Structures for a particular purpose that you might have coming up. The Activity Packet has the details, of course, and you'll likely be also referencing the Tips & Resources page. (And yes, you can use this opportunity to plan to use an LS structure or string in face-to-face, online or even blended environments.)

Use the Open Forum to post any questions you have as they are coming up for you. But rest assured that our next activity, starting tomorrow, will give you an opportunity to really dig in and receive advice from others about your plan. So no need to figure it all out today.

On that note, please look forward into Step 3 in the Activity Packet and sign up for a triad by late tonight in the Google Doc linked there. Early tomorrow morning I'll set up the groups in the course for triad work to begin tomorrow in the (currently hidden) Sharing & Feedback forum. (This will be our Steps 3 and 4.)

Lastly, have you seen side comments start to appear in the forums and are wondering what they are all about? I've done a short (2 1/2 min) screencast for you about the Marginalia annotation plugin and how to use it. (Note: The video is set to unlisted, in case you're wondering, so only those of us who access this course can see it.)

Any questions? Just ask!

Beth and Leva