Lets try that again....

Lets try that again....

by Ross McKerlich -
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Hi everyone - looking forward to experiencing a micro course and learning more about liberating structures. I am an education technology coordinator at Okanagan College and our small team is undergoing some change. It happens.

When I first started at the college 8 years ago I facilitated quite a few workshops and face to face delivery was the norm for faculty development. We got fewer and fewer participants, however, and we morphed into "Just in Time" training - either one on one or through a thorough collection of screencasts. Mathematically it made sense. We reached many people this way and faculty were able to learn what they needed when they needed it.

Now it seems workshops are coming back - but beginning faculty cant afford more than 20 min. We are also mandated to deliver creatively so this is one of the reasons why I am interested in learning more about LS. Looking forward to learning with you.

How is faculty development done at your institution?


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Re: Lets try that again....

by Beth Cougler Blom -

Ross, you're in the right place! A simple 1-2-4-All takes just 12 minutes...

Nice to see you here.

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Re: Lets try that again....

by Erin Beattie -

Hi Ross,

It is really fascinating how the structure of PD continues to evolve as our plates, workloads and schedules overflow. I'm curious to hear your what your takeaways are after taking this course and the strategy you'll implement. 


Erin (BCcampus)