Hello, is that the tech helpline?

Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Sylvia Bell -
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Hello All,

Sylvia from Sooke here. And I think I've landed in the right place, just in time. I teach education leadership courses online, but my experience is grounded in a lengthy career teaching and leading in the k-12 world. 

My big question – it’s so big, I feel it might be overwhelming. And when I think that, I’m almost embarrassed to ask it, but here goes. I’m not nearly as tech savvy as I think I need to be, so how will I be able to translate Liberating Structures into the online world of Moodle? How do you add videos? art work? fun?

So with that big question, I’m hoping to get practical advice, and build a network of supportive peers as I try to figure out how to be a creative online instructor (and not just a glorified marker of student work). 

Looking forward to the learning! 

Toodles for now.

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Re: Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Meg Walker -

Hi Sylvia,

I took a Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) class last year and some of the technical questions were answered, so I'll just say here that once someone shows you the steps to add video/image/etc., it's surprisingly undaunting. Also I hope you have access to a good tech team wherever you are working.

As for how to add fun - I'll bet you have a lot of experience with that piece, and that's harder to teach, so during this course I will be looking to you - among others - for tips and stories about what works there!


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Re: Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Ross McKerlich -

Hi Sylvia - I am glad you are considering Liberating Structures in an online context. I have used a LS Activity (1-2-4-all) in a web conference and it worked well. Lots of work behind the scenes and as always you have to be prepared and flexible in the moment but the activity was a success.

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Re: Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Beth Cougler Blom -

Sylvia, it's great that you're here!

First off let me put your question to rest. Our original intended focus in this MicroCourse was to explore  facilitating Liberating Structures face to face (albeit while we are in the online mode). So you can absolutely use your time here this week to think about how to incorporate LS into your in person teaching and facilitation work.

Now, the interesting - and I'll admit, awesome - thing that we're seeing just today with this activity is that quite a lot of folks here are really interested in talking about LS online. And you know what? That's good too! So really...anything goes. All wonderings and ideas and suggestions about online or f2f are welcome!

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Re: Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Reynaldo Chang -

Hi Sylvia,

I am glad that you raise the question about "fear" on/of technology as part of the challenges in teaching online courses. 

One of the 10 LS principles that I just learned while going over the literature from this course is "learn by failing forward". I come from school of thought that "Falling down is not as important as rising up each time you fall". 

You are on the right track in strengthening your craft. I also realized that this course also develops an excellent network of "community of learners" which we can count on.

I look forward to an engaging week ahead.

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Re: Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Leva Lee -

Hi Reynaldo,

So great that you are mentioning one of the principles of LS - the "failing forward" which we all need to keep in mind when using technology and learning in our contexts where change often feels impossible to manage. Tapping into our collegial network for help often is the quickest and most effective way to move forward and learn as we go! Support and help is here if we ask for it!

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Re: Hello, is that the tech helpline?

by Michelle Laurie -

Hi all, 

I am also curious about using LS techniques in on online environments including those that use basic technology such as teleconferencing, video conferencing and not necessarily an education course platform. Looking forward to thinking about this throughout the week! 

Michelle (from Rossland)