Liberating Online Learning

Liberating Online Learning

by Susan Glynn-Morris -
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Hello All

I’m Sue Glynn-Morris, a relatively new Instructional Designer at Yukon College. I originally thought LS were new to me, however, as I read through the menu of structures, it was interesting to recognize some of them from workshops and other FLO courses I have been a part of.

As others have already mentioned, I too am curious to learn more about the variety of LS activities, and specifically how LS can be adapted to online, both synchronous and asynchronous, learning environments.

I have had the benefit of completing a number of FLO courses over this past year and I’m looking forward to the conversations this week. The peer learning (specifically seeing how others approach the tasks presented in the FLO micro-courses) has always been a highlight for me. This week I intend to both contribute and provide feedback to other participants.

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Re: Liberating Online Learning

by Sylvia Bell -

Hi Sue,

It's good to know that you have a bit of experience with LS. Like you, I've noticed that some of the structures are familiar, but I never knew them as LS until now. (My years working in k-12 mean that I've tried many things to engage students and get them learning.) You are ahead of me in this game though; this is my very first FLO course.

Looking forward to learning alongside you!


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Re: Liberating Online Learning

by Rachelle McElroy -

I agree with you Sylvia, it is great to be learning alongside other instructors like you and Sue that have used LS in the 'classroom' (virtual or not). Look forward to learning together 

Good point Sylvia, I too have noticed some of these structures before, for instance, appreciative inquiry, and it is useful to have them organized together for easy 'shopping'. One distinction I appreciate about LS is what it is not - Q/A - instead, it's about exploring the 'problem space' together! That is exciting!


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Re: Liberating Online Learning

by Leva Lee -

Hi Rachelle,

You got it exactly!  As facilitators we probably do notice things that ring familiar and that we already use under another name. LS is attractive as it's packaged intentionally as "kit" or suite of tools that everyone can use, and use quickly without being an expert. 

Hope you and the others will enjoy playing!