Let's liberate some structures

Let's liberate some structures

by Terri Bateman -
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Hi everyone. I"m Terri Bateman, distributed learning facilitator at North Island College in the Comox Valley. I'm looking forward to liberating some online structures with you this week.

What big question do you have about Liberating Structures as we begin our time together?
My big question is how to translate some f2f liberating structures to online. I'm curious as to how they can be manipulated. This first activity feels a bit like impromptu networking, which I've used in a f2f situation. I'm curious to see how it will work here, although, it's a pretty standard introduction type forum so maybe they're really not that different :).
What do you hope to get from and give this group this week?
I hope to get some creative ideas that I can use to further liberating structures at my institution and to help the faculty members that I work with to create engaging online activities. What I bring is many years of Instructional design experience in online learning and some experience with liberating structures, as well as curiosity and a desire to learn.
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Re: Let's liberate some structures

by Bettina Boyle -

Hi Terri, 

I think we have similar big questions around liberating structures online and that a few of us could connect just around that (Faith, Susan, Nancy...)

Interesting I didn't catch immediately that this IS a version of impromptu networking online! It does feel rather different to do it asynchronously. Maybe the forum structure adds some extra rigidity too.  Wonder what it would feel like doing this as mini-videos... 


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Re: Let's liberate some structures

by Terri Bateman -


 As Leva point out, the Impromtu Networking description is to 'rapidly' share challenges and expectations' - while the asynchronous environment enables a bit more time to think  before responding.  We sell that in online as something for the introverts, an affordance of online learning. It's an interesting juxtaposition and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go with it this week.

Mini videos are an interesting idea.


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Re: Let's liberate some structures

by Leva Lee -

Hello Terri,

Ok you and Bettina are on to Beth and I ;)   We are indeed giving things a try with our introductions based on Impromptu Networking. For the purpose of clarity we kept instructions simple...let's see how things turn out! The purpose of Impromptu Networking is for "rapidly sharing challenges and expectations and build connections". This still seems to hold true in this format.

Happy to see you joined us!