Come on in!

Come on in!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks for signing up for the 'Design with Liberating Structures' FLO MicroCourse! 

Your facilitators, Beth Cougler Blom and Leva Lee, will be rolling out the welcome mat bright and early Monday morning (PT).

Meanwhile, if you're feeling ambitious...

  • Poke around the course to see what's ahead.
  • Get started on your introductory post or ask any burning questions in the Open Forum.

We aim to keep these MicroCourses trim and practical. The anticipated time commitment is 5 hours over 5 days.  However, we recognize that this might be your first online course, or first time using Moodle. If you're spending too much time getting oriented, send a me quick email  ( I'm happy to help! 

And we're off!