Kate's Land Acknowledgement

Kate's Land Acknowledgement

by Kate Langrell -
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My land acknowledgement is largely taken from and inspired by the official University of Saskatchewan land acknowledgement, available at https://aboriginal.usask.ca/building-reconciliation/land-recognition.php. My draft acknowledgement is: 

“I would like to start by acknowledging that we are gathered together today on Treaty 6 Territory and the traditional Homeland of the Métis. We pay our respect to the First Nations and Métis ancestors of this place and reaffirm our relationship with one another. I am filled with gratitude to work, play and live on this land.”

I have been struggling with whether to try and incorporate the specific names of the First Nations people and groups who are from Treaty 6 Territory (for example, the Cree people). I appreciate that making a general acknowledgement of all First Nations who have lived here is beneficial so that no groups are left out. However, a part of me wants to include more detail about which groups are specifically from Treaty 6 Territory. 

I looked into this just a little bit by using the interactive Whose Land map at https://www.whose.land/en/.

I'm quite late posting this, but any feedback would be appreciated!