Day 4: Engage!

Day 4: Engage!

by Donna DesBiens -
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Wow, it's already Day 4 of our microcourse and we're in the home stretch.  I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun! 

If you're following the suggested timeline, you will have spent time reading and thinking about the what, how, and why of meaningful acknowledgements.  Many people have already also posted their own drafts.  We'd like to note that it's great to see the diversity in the acknowledgements posted so far, both in geographical location and application contexts in classrooms, meetings and workshops, as well as personal style.  (No worries, if you just joined in yesterday or today, the activities should very doable in the remaining 2 days).  

Today it's time to post your acknowledgement and start actively engaging in the feedback process in the Sharing and Feedback Forum if you haven't already done so. Once you have posted your acknowledgement, we suggest you select a few of your colleagues' posts that resonate with you in some way for your feedback.  This feedback can brief; the only expectation is that it be authentic and respectful.  

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We are both impressed on how heartfelt people's acknowledgements are, and how much learning is being shared in the recognition of diverse Indigenous peoples across Canada and in two of our American neighbour states.  It's heartening to experience the respectful tone in all course conversations and sense of accountability for historical oppression and relationship repair that's coming through.   We also love the greater humanity that has emerged so quickly in this community as people share a bit about their personhood in the cultural introductions compared to the typical impersonal business intro that's restricted to work role and employer.   

Once again, please feel free to use the Open Forum to post any questions, comments,, or resource shares. 

Warm regards from your facilitators,
Dianne and Donna