Michel Barwell'a Traditional Acknowledgement

Michel Barwell'a Traditional Acknowledgement

by Michel Barwell -
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I have looking for an appropriate venue to record this, but alas, I have not been successful. Consequently, it will have to be a written submission. 

I would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council.

I believe that we are very fortunate at the college to be situated on the territory of a self-governing First Nation and the college is seen to be a leader in the indigenization efforts.  I have participated in a number of courses offered by the college where I discovered much about the history of the land and its caretakers.  So, I don’t believe that I take this acknowledgement lightly.  But the brief research I have done I have found numerous articles and discussions regarding the “ticking of the box” by using the acknowledgement…I realize that the meaning and value of the acknowledgement is a personal journey, but I would hate to get to the point where the acknowledgements are without meaning.

My ancestors arrived from France in 1698 and are dispersed throughout Eastern Canada and the Northeast of the States, I was born in Montreal - located on the traditional land of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations among others. I recognize these nations as the stewards of the land where I was born.

More info on the 11 First Nations that are self-governing here in the Yukon can be found here https://mappingtheway.ca/

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Re: Michel Barwell'a Traditional Acknowledgement

by Dianne Biin -

Thank you Michel for stating that the meaning and value is a personal journey; it is a journey to find a good heart, a good mind and a good feeling.

I have looked to Yukon College's work for a while and so appreciate the realms that are being indigenized - beyond content to process, practice and relationship maintenance. hard to do with multiple self-governing nations. I hold my hands up. Thanks for the link!  I was just thinking about where to find info on the Yukon agreements and governance.

Thank you for your cultural introduction and adding the land stewards of where you were born.

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Re: Michel Barwell'a Traditional Acknowledgement

by Leslie Shayer -

Dear Michel,

I really appreciate your elaboration regarding self-governing and your statement about "ticking the box". I have worked hard in my department just to get a land acknowledgement included, but I see that this is the bare minimum. You have inspired me to push/demand more.