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I ran out of time when I was doing the last post.  Here a few more music idea. 

I am looking for culturally appropriate music.   I do science songs that math my curriculum, but I do not yet have anything from a First Nations perspective. 

I once had the privilege of hearing Asani sing O Canada live at a conference in Edmonton.  

Here is a link from the Smithsonian page of this moving version of our anthem with words in Cree.

This is fun.  I had never thought about using this in class before.  I will do so in the future.   Here is another link from the CBC with O Canada in 11 different languages including Cree and Mikmaq

***** smooth jazz with a fireplace behind it ****

I like this music from You Tube.  This is the artist's original channel.  This one has a fireplace as the background image and when it is cold outside, students often warm their hands in front of the virtual fireplace.  Last winter due to the natural gas shortage the college turned the temperature down about 4 degrees.  I thought it was wonderful but students did comment on having to wear sweaters in class and having cold hands.