Derek's Land Acknowledgement

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by Dianne Biin -
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Good query Derek. It has taken me a few days to mull this over. And then, sitting at the Decolonizing Technologies, reprogramming education conference (HASTAC 2019) I heard from one of the speakers that to be authentically engaged, you need to be able to work in the complexities, there is no binary. When we fall into the binary then the problems are perpetuated. And....decolonization can be liberating.

So yes, land negotiations are a worry for those in a fee simple reality. I don't know the details of the Algonquin negotiations. I can only talk to this place. I remember when Tsawwassen implemented their treaty. The first property tax deadline required the administration to create a system from scratch and property tax rates were adjusted and collected on time, with no complaints from 'fee simple' land owners now within Tsawwassen treaty lands.

The gas pipelines has a long sordid history of appropriation through reserve lands (now called cut off lands) and across sensitive gathering habitats. So there is a lot of backstory to the current 'conflict' that comes back to not recognizing the inherent right of Indigenous Peoples to this place. UNDRIP has a level of complexity that will come into play as well. Ohhh if we had a different mini course to explore this!

Thanks for the opportunity to think this through Derek.