Day 2-Creation Time!

Day 2-Creation Time!

by Donna DesBiens -
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Today is bursting with possibility because it's the proposed start of the Creation Phase during which you'll be drafting and posting your personalized land acknowledgement. 

Some folks have already been sharing pieces of their acknowledgements in their Who's Here intros, reflecting on the learning materials in the Open Forum, and/or posting their acknowledgements in the Sharing & Feedback Forum. Still others are checking in and saying hello for the first time. We're all going at our own pace - the beauty of asynchronous learning - but are we building a sense of learning community? Starting to feel connected to each other?  Feeling safe to share? 

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the Who's Here and other forums. If you're just joining in today, welcome! Please feel free to drop a comment or two on others' posts if you feel moved to do so. To reply directly in the margins of people's posts, use the Annotation feature at the top right of the discussion textbox. (You'll find 'how-to' info in the dropdown menu). 

The recommended timeframe for completion of the Step 1: Research Phase is gulp, today! No worries if you are still reading and reflecting. You still have a couple of days to draft and post your acknowledgement. By the way, this can be very brief. We forgot to set length guidelines earlier, but have posted them in Step 2 now! 

People hands & feet together in the grass (land)

Remember, if you have any questions, comments, or resources to share - please use the Open Forum anytime. 

Your facilitators, Donna DesBiens and Dianne Biin