Sarah's land acknowledgment

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by Sarah Lefebure -
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So interesting to reflect on the length of time in a place - OF COURSE that influences our starting points and understandings. I hadn't reflected deeply on this choice - honestly, I was trained to introduce myself in this way in a previous course (TTW at Camousn College, a wonderful in-house training for employees.)

In that course, we were also trained to use the word visitor (settler wasn't suggested as an option). To call myself a visitor felt initially quite  jarring for me, as it meant realizing for the first time that I had been a visitor for over 20 years on the traditional lands of the Lekwungen, W̱SÁNEĆ and Esquimalt peoples. Now I regularly think about myself as a visitor on all the lands I've lived on, and it helps me to remember that this land is not mine/ours, and to treat it with due respect, gratitude and care.