Hello from Brandy in Brandon!

Hello from Brandy in Brandon!

by Brandy Robertson -
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Hello everyone,

I'm joining you from Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. I am the Student Success Advisor for the College's School of Agriculture and Environment. A little known fact about me is that I carry on a Ukrainian cultural tradition of "painting" Easter eggs that has been passed down the matriarchal line of my mother's family for centuries!

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Re: Hello from Brandy in Brandon!

by Viviana Chiorean -

Hi Brandy,

Welcome! Would you happen to have an image of these eggs? My Romanian background is now curious :) We dye our eggs to something similar in the picture below, with whatever "leaves" we find around, a stocking and boiling water with onion skins. How do you "paint" yours?



Photo credit: Bucataras TV. 

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by Brandy Robertson -

Hi Vivian!

It's so nice to connect over tradition like this. The eggs you posted are the type that I would like to try making actually because I LOVE the natural approach. I have never tried making my own dyes (the way it was traditionally done). I've attached an image of the kind I learned (and still make). We use store-bought pysanky dyes and cover each colour with a kystka (either traditional - over a candle or modern - electric) that is filled with beeswax. Each colour is covered over with wax and then at the end all of the wax is melted off to reveal the final design. It's glorious!Ukrainian Easter Eggs (pysanky)